Fashion is more than what we wear, it’s a means in which we express ourselves, it’s an illustration of our style — and style tells a story. How would you relate that sentiment in a personal essay, short story, or poem?

Send us your style-inspired writing for consideration on our blog, Story. Currently, we are in need of personal essays most, but we will consider poetry and fiction as well.

Since we are a fashion retailer with a strong style-sharing community (see our Style Gallery!), we’d love if your submission included high quality outfit pics or photography related to the piece. Here’s a great example of the writing and imagery we love.

For further specific genre guidelines, refer to their respective sections below.

Suggested prompts to get you started:

Choose an item from your wardrobe or someone else’s wardrobe. What pivotal moments or strong memories are associated with it?

What kind of life did those vintage finds live before you found them?

Consider an individual’s signature look. How does it enhance their character? Why would this person not be the same with it?


  • Your work must not be previously published.

  • If you are submitting your work elsewhere, please tell us, and let us know as soon as possible if it has been accepted elsewhere.

  • You may submit only once in each genre; 1 fiction piece, 1 nonfiction piece, or up to 3 poems.

  • Print or email submissions will not be considered. Send your work through Submittable only.

  • Response time will vary depending on the volume of submissions received.

We are not offering payment at this time, but we do offer a wide range of readership, good exposure, and mad props!


Along with your submission, please submit a brief cover letter containing:

  • Your submission’s genre

  • Your submission’s word count if prose and line count if poetry

  • A brief bio

  • A portrait-style bio image

  • Accompanying photography

  • Where you heard about The Written Wardrobe's submissions call

All submissions should adhere to the guidelines below according to their genre.


We especially want personal essays and nonfiction that reads like fiction, grabs our attention, contains conflict, and teaches us something. Feel free to send an excerpt of a larger work if you believe that it can stand on its own. Please no criticism or book reviews. We ask that you double space your submissions and keep them under 1,500 words.


Send us your well-crafted and innovative, style-inspired flash fiction. Feel free to send an excerpt of a larger work if you believe that it can stand on its own. Please double space your submissions and keep them under 1,500 words.


We want poetry that integrates the topics of personal style and fashion in innovative ways. Because of our blog platform, we encourage poems under about 40 lines and with a more traditional form. While we appreciate experimental forms and approaches to poetry, we want to make sure our blog platform doesn’t compromise the work.

Still have questions? Email us at


The Written Wardrobe encourages the ModCloth community to tell their style stories. Publishing on our blog, we hope to establish a connection among readers and an outlet for fashion-loving creative writers.

ModCloth’s co-founder, Susan Gregg Koger, began the company as a way to turn her love of vintage clothing into a dream career. One of the things Susan loves about vintage and thrift-store finds is the stories behind the clothes. For the former owners, the pieces were probably worn during important events or made them feel confident when they most needed it. They were a part of their lives, a facet of their life story.

That sentiment goes beyond vintage. Every day, our community expresses themselves through what they wear on ModCloth, on social media, and in person. In that community are talented, bright individuals who we want to hear from!